About Us


At Sirlin Giller & Malek (SG&M) Architects, we take pride in being a progressive architectural firm with an experienced, dedicated, loyal and highly motivated staff. With our hands-on approach, we take personal pride and responsibility for each and every project undertaken, ensuring that quality control and client service are never compromised.


Our design approach is to look at program issues from the standpoint of those who will utilize the building. We listen carefully and attempt to get a “feel” for what the client is hoping to achieve.


Design Philosophy

We apply our expertise and experience to assist the client in making sound design decisions. We thoroughly analyze site conditions and the relationship of the proposed building to the site and its surroundings before we develop the initial concept.


Our objective in every project is to satisfy the client’s requirements with a design that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, well related to its surroundings and within budget.