Listen. Conceive. Construct.

From initial sketch to actual building

Lawrence Malek

“I am a firm believer that less is more. If you keep it simple, it catches peoples eyes… and architecture becomes a crisp clean canvas for your occupants, business and vision.”

For more than three decades, Lawrence Malek has helped corporate, residential and manufacturing/healthcare clients transform dreams and business goals into constructed, built form. He has been the Principal architect at SG&M since 2011 – and formerly a senior partner in the firm since 2000.

Creatively gifted and highly personable and proactive in his approach, he is an award-winning architect known as much for his client care as his outstanding portfolio of architectural achievements.  Lawrence has overseen the concept, design, planning and development of a wide range of prestigious projects across the Greater Toronto area. He brings deep expertise and experience in retail, commercial office, health care, low density and high density residential, industrial and specialized sports and recreational projects.

Lawrence received his Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan and his B.Tech. Arch. Sc. from  Ryerson University (formerly  Ryerson Polytechnic Institute). He is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects, American Institute of Architects, the National Council Architectural Certification Board and the Green Building Certification Institute.

Lawrence Malek

Five Ways SG&M Stands Apart:


At SG&M, you come first. Your ideas, Your needs. Your timelines. Our job is to make you feel confident, comfortable and “heard” each step of the architectural journey. To this end, we listen first, then apply our advanced skills, talents and best practices to ensure your project moves from concept to completion with the best possible results.


We deliver the highest quality work and service through painstaking attention to detail. Nothing is too small to merit our scrutiny and careful focus.


As  LEED-accredited professionals with specialization, our firm consciously applies the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability on  many projects to facilitate cost savings and lower operating costs.


SG&M combines strong design and technical skills with a proven track record in architectural project management. Our knowledge of building code, building science principals along with construction assemblies and sequences all conspire to ensure you design efficiency, lower material and installation costs and certainty your project will be completed on spec, on time and on budget.


We provide specialized architectural consulting services for diagnostic care, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities. Our team has worked on various projects that embody the principles inherent with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as stipulated by Health Canada.


Jack (Jianguo) Xu

Jack (Jianguo) Xu

B.Arch., OAA, Associate

As Senior Project Architect for SG&M, Jack brings more than 20 years of experience in conceptual design, design development, construction documentation and contract administration processes. He also possesses considerable knowledge of structural, electrical and mechanical building systems and their interrelationship with architectural assemblies. From retail, commercial office and healthcare, to high density residential, industrial and institutional projects, his experience runs the gamut.

With a strong technical background and deep knowledge of building code and building science principals, Jack helps achieve optimum design solutions for SGM clients.

Jack deftly manages the entire construction process from start to finish, overseeing all phases of a project and effectively coordinating with professionals and subtrades of all disciplines.

Goldie (Golrokh) Yazdanpanah

Goldie (Golrokh) Yazdanpanah

Arch. Dipl. Architectural Technologist

As Architectural Technologist of SG&M, Goldie brings excellent technical knowledge and proven skills in design development and construction documentation.

Her mastery of architectural computer software programs including presentation graphics along with computer aid design drafting software is a real asset.

Goldie prepares conceptual design schemes which precisely reflect SG&M clients’ programmatic requirements.

She brings strong design experience across the board, working on retail commercial, high density residential, and institutional projects.

Rasheed Shallah

Rasheed Shallah

MS AAD, MAA-01, B. Arch.

As an Intern Architect of SG&M, Rasheed provides innovative designs, attention to detail. technical knowledge and exceptional skills in design development and construction documentation.

His mastery of architectural computer software programs includes 3D modelling and presentation graphics along with computer aid design drafting.

Rasheed prepares conceptual design schemes to meet SG&M clients’ programmatic requirements. He also possesses strong design experience, working on specialized interiors, low density residential, retail commercial, healthcare and industrial projects.

John Hinrichs

John Hinrichs

B. Arch. Project Co-ordinator and Designer

An award-winning industry veteran, John Hinrichs possesses close to three decades of experience in conceptual design, development, construction documentation and the contract administration process. His exceptional background working on retail, commercial office, low density and high density residential projects makes him a versatile and highly experienced member of the SG&M team.

John’s thorough knowledge of building code and building science principals helps him achieve superior design efficiency for clients. At SG&M, John also focuses on client and property manager liaison.

John Nott

John Nott

A.O.C.A., A.R.I.D.O., I.D.C. Concepts to Solutions Interior Designer

John Nott is SG&M’s interior designer and design consultant. He brings more than 40 years of experience as a licensed professional overseeing the concept design, design development, construction documentation and contract administration process on all interior design projects.

John has extensive experience in retail, commercial office, hospitality, and specialized recreational projects. Supporting green building practices, he applies interior design principles that include sustainable materials on numerous projects, contributing to cost savings, lowering operating costs and environmentally-friendly spaces for clients.